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Centre d'Investigation Clinique-CHRU St Eloi 

80, avenue Augustin Fliche 

34295 Montpellier Cedex 5
Tél : 04 67 33 23 32-Fax : 04 67 33 23 36 

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The Clinical Investigation Centre (CIC 1411) is a clinical investigation platform open to clinicians, fundamental researchers and industrial and academic sponsors. It is a centre of expertise and knowhow. The human and technical resources made available allow performing clinical research in conformity with quality assurance requirements (Reference Guide 2010), and with ethical and legal regulations, resulting in optimal utilisation.  


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Strong points of our CIC:

It strengthens translational research between fundamental and clinical investigation:


More than 30 INSERM and CNRS units in the region (See list) have expressed the need for partnerships with clinical teams to ensure the progress of their works.


Twenty teams at the CHRU (See list) are currently, or will be, committed to this translational research approach.


It includes clearly identified thematic paths in fields in which clinical research converges with progress in fundamental research:


    The CIC's three main paths of research are diabetes and metabolism , cardiac and vascular diseases and neurosciences. .


Three other paths are being developed: cancerology , infectious viral diseases and rheumatic diseases .


Its capacity to contribute added value to clinical research:


  • By producing and contributing to innovative knowledge.
  • By favouring the transfer and exploitation of new concepts and products for medical application.
  • And by contributing to training in clinical research and its professions.



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