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Scheduled hospitalization for foreign patients


1 - First consultation

This consultation must be payed by the patient at the payment office or, before the consultation, at the scheduled admissions for foreing patients desk*. It allows the doctor to evaluate the medical problem and to program an hospitalization. The doctor and the patient must complete together this foreign patients form.


2 - Work

Using the form, the Hospital lays an estimate, given in person to the patient or a family member, or mail it.


3 - Payment of fees by the patient

Disbursement of funds in cash or at the scheduled admissions for foreing patients desk*.


4 - Administration record

Upon receipt of funds or support, permission for admission is sent by mail to the patient with labels.


5 - Hospitalization

At the leaving of the patient, an invoice " paid " is delivered or sent to the patient or the agency that issued the support.


6 - Refund of overpayment

If appropriate, the patient is reimbursed for the overpayment.


Particular case of European patients

European patients must provide a photocopy of their European card or form S2.
With these documents, the admissions offices of the Hospital of Montpellier ask for an other patient registration from Primary Health Insurance Fund, for its treatment in France .
Two quotes are sent to these patients :
- An estimate of the total cost if the refusal of health insurance international relations
- A quote from co-payments (20% of costs) if approval of the social security fund international relations.
(Then steps 4-6 from the usual procedure )


Documents to provide

- Copy ID
- "foreign patients" form, completed by the doctor
- Address of the patient + Phone + email address or
- Address of a contact person + Phone + email address
- Bank Identity (IBAN)
- Photocopy of the European E112 form or card for European citizens.


*Scheduled Admissions of Foreign Patients :
     Admissions Programmées de Patients Etrangers
     Hôpital Lapeyronie
     191 Avenue du Doyen Gaston Giraud
     34295 Montpellier cedex 5
Ouvre une fenêtre pour la rédaction d'un
Tel / Fax: +334 67 33 93 16 - Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



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