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Unité Médico-Economie
Département de l'Information Médicale, CHRU Montpellier
Hôpital la Colombière
39, avenue Charles Flahault
34295 Montpellier cedex 5


Health Economics Unit





Welcome to the Health Economics Unit page.


The Health Economics Unit aims at responding to the challenges of the health care system by improving its efficacy, efficiency and equity.
On this page you will find out our missions and the team of the Health Economics Unit.





Health technology assessment

Health technology assessment (HTA) is the systematic evaluation of the effects (including its value and costs) of an innovation (medical devices, treatments methods, drugs, new organization or program).


Our role is to produce real life or experimental data about the clinical effectiveness, the costs and the broader impact of innovations.


To that end, we design studies aiming at assessing the cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, budget impact and out-of-pocket burden of innovations.



Hospital-based health technology assessment

Hospital-based health technology assessment (HB-HTA) is aimed at supporting decision-making process for the adoption of innovations (devices, equipment, drugs) within hospitals.


HB-HTA is carried out with a multidisciplinary, systematic and evidence based approach and focused on technical, clinical, organizational, economic, ethical and strategic impact of new technologies.



Health Economics Research

Health system performance is essentially a multidimensional concept which includes quality, efficiency, equity and satisfaction. Among these research themes, our work focuses on efficiency and equity (health care pathway and health access), by developing suitable methods for these topics, such as geographic variation analysis, description and classification of health care pathways.






  • Grégoire Mercier, MD, PhD : Head of Health Economics Unit
  • Vera Georgescu, PhD : Statistician
  • Jénica Pastor, MPH : Study coordinator
  • Camille Dutot, PharmD : Health Economist
  • Claire Duflos, MD : Doctor of Public Health
  • Angelina Martinez : Study coordinator


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