The meal is a privileged moment that is part of the care process.

Indeed, dietary prescription is a curing act in the same way as a drug prescription. The catering team strives to offer you a variety of menus, developed by our team of dieticians and cooks. 

The menus meet 3 essential requirements:

Nutritional qualities: meals must meet the specific nutritional needs of each individual,

• Sanitary quality: meals must comply with strict hygiene rules,

• Taste quality: our catering teams do their utmost to ensure that meals remain a moment of pleasure, even in the context of hospitalization.

Your meals over a day: 

• Traditional breakfast (between 7am and 8am), 

• Lunch (between 12pm and 12:30pm), 

• Taste in some services, 

• Dinner (between 7pm and 7.30pm), 

• Additional snacks (on medical prescription).

Meals consist of an appetizer, meat or fish or eggs, vegetable and starch, cheese or dairy, dessert and a portion of bread.

As soon as you enter, you can express to the agents in your care unit the diet you are on and your dietary aversions (what you do not want to eat). We will try to offer you a substitute dish.


A Food/Nutrition Liaison Committee (CLAN) is an advisory structure that participates through its opinions or proposals in improving the quality and nutritional care of patients and improving the quality of catering services.

The Transversal Nutrition Unit (UTN), in collaboration with CLAN, is made up of a multidisciplinary team that works transversely throughout the university hospital to train and support medical nurses to optimize the prevention, screening and management of nutritional disorders.

The meal of the accompanying person 

Accompanying persons can order an "accompanying meal" with snack or breakfast from the care services. Tickets are to be purchased at the revenue office of the institution where you are hospitalized.