Transport by prescription

Barriers secure the entrances to the Montpellier hospital, in particular on Arnaud de Villeneuve and Lapeyronie. Patient transport vehicles may request access.

Prescribing a transport is a medicale decision

Only a doctor is authorized to prescribe transport for your care, in accordance with the regulatory conditions of care.


What are the types of transport by precription ?

  • Private vehicle (including the accompagnying person),
  • Public transport,
  • VSL or conventional taxis,
  • Ambulance.

The doctor chooses the least expensive mode of transport adapted to your health

When to ask the doctor for a transport by precrption ?

  • Always BEFORE the transport is carried out.

The prescription carried out after the event is only regulatory in the context of urgency.

Which doctor should prescribe the type of transport ?

  • Your attending doctor
  • In some cases, the doctor at the Montpellier University Hospital who will set a new date for your examination or consultation. Talk to him about it.

What are the condtions for a refund ?

4 situations to the payment of transport costs:

  • In the context of a complete, partial or ambulatory hospitalization,
  • If you cannot travel alone to receive care related to your Long Term Disability (LTA),
  • If you are travelling for treatment related to your accident at work or your occupational disease,
  • If you MUST be transported by ambulance (for example: lying down or under constant supervision).