Prepare your visit

In order to create your administrative file, you or a member of your family must go to the Invoicing Reception Service (entrance office), which is located on each site of the University Hospital.

Be careful, some consultation units have their own decentralized reception: there is no need to go through the hospital's Invoicing Reception Service, these units themselves constitute your administrative file. Ask before you come to avoid going through the entrance office.

Planned hospitalization

If your hospitalization is already fixed: you can put together your file without waiting for the day of your admission.


To complete these pre-admission formalities, present yourself at the entry office a few days before, with the following documents :

> Identity card or passport,

> Proof of residence (EDF invoice...),

> -Proof of health insurance: vital card with paper certificate,
   - mutual insurance card or coverage,
   - CMU (Universal Health Coverage) certificate,
   - Part 2 of the declaration of an accident at work,
   - Free care booklet,
   - Notification of specific allowances,
   - Decision to grant State medical assistance.


Remember to bring your passport and proof of social security coverage: European form, private insurance, certificates of coverage or payment guarantee from these agencies…

In the absence of this proof, the costs must be paid in full.

Depending on the case, the entry office will refer you to the social worker of the institution concerned or to the social worker of the Permanence d'Accès aux Soins de Santé (PASS). 


Emergency hospitalization

If your health allows it, invite a member of your family to come to the admission office as soon as possible, in order to regularize your file.

The admission office may call you in your room to complete your administrative file.