IRMB gathers scientist and medical expertise on regenerative medicine and innovative immunotherapies.


The INSERM U1183 includes 4 teams dedicated to stem cell research and immunotherapies that have integrated in the new Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapies of Montpellier (IRMB). In the 5 years to come, the evolution of our research projects will lead to the creation of this unique research institute dedicated to adult stem cell research, iPS and stem cell plasticity and molecular mechanisms of immune response in autoimmune and rheumatic disorders. This unit is the combination of the INSERM U844 team dedicated to immunotherapies and mesenchymal stem cells and scientists from the former IRB working on stem cell biology in ES, hepatocytes, neurodegerative diseases (J De Vos, M Daujat, S Lehmann, T Commes), as well as a team dedicated to senescence/aging and reprogramming (JM Lemaitre) from the IGF institute and the IGH (N Gilbert).

The new unit includes 4 teams located on the site of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapies (IRMB), severals Hospital Labs & Platforms and an administrative Staff.

  • Team 1 : Adult mesenchymal stem cell tissue hemostasis and regeneration,
  • Team 2 : Genome and stem cell plasticity in development and ageing,
  • Team 3 : Genetic and immunopathology of inflammatory osteoarticular diseases,
  • Team 4 : Lymphocytes differentiation, tolerance and metabolisme,